Friday, October 29, 2010

The Heat is On

Did the title of this post just bring back memories of Huey Lewis & The News?  It did for me.

In other news, my draft for the Fiction Techniques class workshop is due next week.  I have to decide what to turn in.  After mucho revision and editing, I managed to whip an old short story into shape using some of the techniques we learned in class.  I've workshopped this piece before in another workshop (non-grad school related), and it got some really good feedback.  It's even stronger now, in my opinion.  Maybe even ready for some submissions.

I was working on another piece throughout the last few weeks, the one I spoke about in my previous POV post.  I wrote half of it in the 2nd person from the mother's POV, then turned around and rewrote it all from the daughter's POV, also in the 2nd person.  The draft I ended up finishing was from the daughter's POV.  It came out rather long, at about 6,500 words.  I was trying to keep it under 5,000, but I'm a little wordy at times.  I hacked off a good bit, bringing it down to about 5,250, merely by removing any backstory I thought was not absolutely crucial, and taking out any internal dialogue that didn't advance the plot (ah, plot--the bane of my existence!).  I just went through it again on a printed draft and hacked away a bunch more while expanding some other sections.  No word count yet, but it's probably just under 5k now.

What to do, what to do?  I can submit my first person work that's already been workshopped and get normal feedback, or I can submit my second person present tense work and suffer though workshop comments that begin with phrases, "I like this, but..."  BUT it's in second person.  BUT there are too many sentences that begin with "you".  BUT I don't like being forced to occupy the same space as your main character.  BUT I just don't like things that are written in the present tense.

BUT does it work?

This I need to know... and for that reason, I will probably go with the 2nd person piece.

Does it matter?  The short story will probably be summarily rejected by every literary journal in the country simply because it's written in the 2nd person.

C'est la vie.

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